Indie Artists Grow From $0 to ~$400K Annually In Under Four Years 
It's like Nothing you've ever seen before!

Our Music Promotion Strategies took the group “S4TF” from Start-Up to building a Multiple 6-Figure Income, which allowed them to build their 15,000 Sq Ft, Custom Dream Home In Less Than 4 Years; and they did it WITHOUT a record contract.

Do You Want To Find Out How?
Here Are The 3 Major Keys To Their Success:
Marketing Strategy
How to utilize the proper marketing tools and allowing the optimal time to implement each of them.
Streaming Strategy
How to properly utilize streaming platforms and identify which ones are the most effective for artists.
Data / Monetization
How to analyze data to book more gigs, sell more merchandise and make more money.
This is what a 9th Ward Promotion looks like when you put the right strategies, fans and analytics together.

And this is why sponsors love S4TF...
Now, I'm Going To Share THE SECRET Of How They Did It... But Before I do, Let Me Ask You A Question...
How do SUCCESSFUL music artists make the majority of their money?   
Billboard Released The "Top 50 Money Makers For 2016"...
Source -Billboard® 2016
Topping the list...
Beyonce’ with over $62 MILLION...
Nearly $55 MILLION came from TOURING!
For 2018 Statistics Click HERE
Clearly, as independent artists, we would love to generate any of those numbers! The REAL goldmine, however, is TOURINGIn fact, it’s the #1 MONEY MAKER for 98% of artists on Billboard's “Top 50 Money Makers” list!

FACT: According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), approximately 90% of the records that are released by major recording labels fail to make a profit.
But, it’s NOT THE TOUR itself that makes you money… It’s fans! PAYING FANS!


You could be the most talented up and coming artist in the world, but if you don’t have fans, most venues will only pay you $50 and a beer.
So, the question is... HOW DO YOU GET THEM?
Because let’s be real… 
If you don’t... you’ll end up like the millions of starving artists that came before you. The vicious cycle of working 30-60 hours (or more) a week, in a meaningless job; only to come home and work on your music, hoping to compose the next big hit.

And even if you do... you’ll spend countless hours doing self-promotion, hoping that one day your music will catch fire. 

What nobody told you is this…  

Trying to ignite your music career on your own is like trying to start a fire in the rain; and if you don’t do the right things in the proper order, then the music business is a very cold place to be. 
So What’s The Secret To How “S4TF” Acquired The FANS They Needed To Earn A Consistent Multiple 6-Figure Income?  
Well… It’s the same secret that was used by famous artists like “Chance The Rapper” and “Russ”.
But wait… Streaming was just 3.5% of the top earner’s music revenue in 2016, right? If the top money earners in the business are making money from touring, then why is the secret “Streaming”?

Simple.. Streaming is the best way to capture your fans!!! 

Streaming is also where you capture your data and analytics, so you know WHERE TO TOUR and can EARN THE REAL MONEY! If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of streams from particular areas, it’s a no-brainer for a booking agent or promoter to get you gigs in those places!

PLUS, as and Indie artist, you will get to tap into the source of revenue that will make you the MOST money.  Sponsorships and Endorsements!
Streaming on SoundCloud and Spotify is how “S4TF” could make over $400k/year in revenue. But, not just in streaming royalties... MOST of the revenue came directly from their FANS and all of the BUSINESSES that were willing to pay them in sponsorships and endorsements to get access to their fans!
They even won the opportunity to be featured with Shaquille O'Neal on the title track of his new game "SHAQ FU - A Legend Reborn"
…And even though they achieved a tremendous amount of success, they ended up learning a few important things along the way!

• Spotify Streams are better than SoundCloud Streams!

• It takes hundreds of thousands of streams to capture a few hundred fans!

• A few active FANS is worth far more than thousands of passive listeners!
There has never been a better time to be an 
independent music artist... 


If you think joining a subscriber exchange, posting your music in Facebook groups and scratching together 1000 streams a month through self-promotion is going to ignite your career and set it on fire… I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but it’s raining...hard!

So How Do You Get Fans To Stream Your Music?  

You Need A Heavy, TARGETED PROMOTION Strategy!
If You're Ready To Start Getting Paid For Your Music And Take Your Career To The Next Level, We Have The Formula To Get You There Without Breaking The Bank.  

Let Us Do For You... What We Did For S4TF
(Plus Keep 100% Of Your Royalties And Publishing)
We Have Strategies To Meet Any Budget! (Starting At $99/month)
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P.S. Due to the personlized nature of our promotions, we are only able to work with a limited number of independent artists. When we reach our maximum capacity we can no longer accept new clients until a campaign slot becomes available. 

We apologize in advance.
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